Adventure camp TRICUBITUS

Adventure camp TRICUBITUS

Adventure Camp TRIKUBITUS

June-August 2013

Opened: Monday-Friday 11:00-17:00

For children 7-14 y.o.

Admission: RUB 7000 per week, including lunch.

This summer your favourite teachers Masha Nebesnaya and Zhenya Isaeva from the Creative Manufactory P.T.H. have prepared a real adventure for our little visitors - the summer camp TRIKUBITUS. Throughtout the summer children aged 7 to 14 can join our island's adventure team and spend the whole week on New Holland taking part in exciting and informative games and lessons.
TRIKUBITUS will be opened from Monday to Friday 11:00-17:00 so parents can easily leave their children under the supervision of Masha and Zhenya for the whole day.

Here's what a typical daily schedule looks like:

Morning exercise - a dancing or acting lesson or a yoga class.

Seminar: Disscussing the theme of the day, planning studies, doing the morning ritual, the day on the island begins

Studying time (the theme of the day)

Lunch in the cafe or a picnic on the lawn

Presentation of 10 important facts about...: each of the pupils does a little presentation which he or she has prepared at home. Presentations will be filmed and posted on YouTube. Team work on various tasks and projects (working in small teams)

Active tasks related to the theme of the day: a quest around the island, a theatre play rehearsal etc.

Seminar: Discussing the events of the day and the results, recording a video-diary, decorating pupils with outstanding achievements, doing the evening ritual.

Week themes:

June 2013

3.06-7.06 Indians

10.06-14.06 Cinema

17.06-21.06 Forrest

24.06-28.06 The world and I

July 2013

1.07-5.07 The Slavs

8.07-13.07 Theatre

15.07-19.07 Оcean

22.07-27.07 The society and I

August 2013

29.07-3.08 The Egyptians

5.08-9.08 Musicals

12.08-16.08 Space

19.08-23.08 The city and I

Every week will have its own theme. Kids will learn a lot about other countires and cultures, the world of cinema, theatre and muscials,
laws of nature and society. Every Friday we will have a summary day for the parents — the pupils will demonstrate what they have learnt during the week.

The fee is RUB7000 for a week and includes daily lunches on the island, an adventurer's uniform and a rucksack, a detailed course programme and a special diary.

We can only accommodate up to 15 children so please do hurry up and sign for the course today. You can do it by emailing a request to In your email please indicate the number of children, their age and the dates you're signing up for as well as your name and a telephone number.

The course is organised in partnership with Frosch.

Like any other social project we need a commercial support. We had gone through many offers looking for the right partner for our Children's programme before we came accross Frosch's proposal. Frosch is a brand that in 1986 came up with a groundbreaking formula of phosphate free cleaner. Their main priority is saving the environment and they take into account every aspect of it in their production cycle, including water and energy consumption.

In this day and age when we are drowning in the ocean of plastic waste, brands like Frosch are holding out a helping hand.