Day of Useless Knowledge

Day of Useless Knowledge

In honor of September 1, the Creative manufactory P.T.H will hold in New Holland a children's holiday entitled the Day of Useless Knowledge. The island will turn into a large research center, where each laboratory-station will teach the most useless skills that, despite its impracticality, will bring a lot of joy to the guests of the festival. Chatology, circustry, wingology, beastology, hatology, wonderology and many other stations are waiting for entertaining the island’s young visitors that day. At 16:00 the culmination of the holiday will be a monument to the most useless animal crackers and hooting.

Stations of Useless knowledge:


Together with the artists we will fabricate foil hats to protect ourselves from aliens to read our thoughts.


With the help of some poets, the participants will be invited to come up with useless non rhyming poems.


Let’s play at aerial acrobats but on the ground.


Make yourself a pair of useless wings that won’t raise you to the sky.


Calculate the height and weight of each child hares, flying fish, turtles, pigs and elephants, and issue the relevant certificates.


Together with an artist we will manufacture strange hats, and later take pictures of us wearing them, but only from the back.


Children can help Sherlock Holmes to sketch a robot-portrait of a criminal with an unusual appearance.


We learn all of the most useless words of the English language.


We will make T-shirts on paper with various original prints.


We will learn to follow the steps of the most exotic animal


Everyone can make a pair of glasses for the Cyclops and other ancient useless trivia


We will make a car bubbles.


Everyone will learn to be the caretaker of a museum or of an art object.


Together with a pastry-cook we will make uneatable pastries from salted dough


Let's make “unwonderful” sticks


At this station, we will plant artificial flowers together with a gardener

Partners of the Day of Useless Knowledge:

The Circus Theatre Montgolfier, the Club Fenestra, the Animated Series Flying animals, Language Profi School, the AdVita foundation's project Help is easy, and the festival Children's days in St. Petersburg.

In partnership with Frosch

Like any other social project, we need the help of commercial partners.

When choosing with whom to collaborate, we considered a lot of offers, until we saw the letter from the brand Frosch. In 1986, Frosch has released the first in the history phosphate-free detergent, and takes into account the interests of the environment in its very production, without forgetting such details as the consumption of water and energy.

In the age of the continents drifting in an ocean of plastic waste, brands such as Frosch are along the way!