The Great Kids Day

The Great Kids Day

Dear friends,

June 1st is the International Children's Day. New Holland will join the celebrations and host a festival «The Great Kids Day» on the
island. From 12am-6pm our little visitors (aged 5 to 14) can take part in an exciting quest based on the characters of their favourite books and learn a lot of useful things from them. Together we will make tea cups for our Fun Tea Party, cook pies, write a message to our future selves, learn circus tricks and other fascinating things.
At the entrance every kid will be given a colourful map that will help them move quicker and do more on the island. There is so much to

Fun stations:
1. «Inkblot on the fence» station
Children will be given sets of paints, brushes and aprons to paint a special fence in bright exciting colours.

2. «Circus Stunt men» station
A workshop by Upsala Circus teaching circus tricks: joggling, walking on stilts and many others.

3. «My Fair Horse» station
At this Workshop children can learn how to make toy horses from socks.

4. «Fun Tea Party» station  
A workshop teaching how to make funny tea cups from recycled materials.

5. «Green glasses» station
At this workshop kids can make unusual glasses.

6. «Magnetic eternity» station
Using mirror magnets we will make the word «Eternity».

7. «Pies for your granny» station
Confectioner from «Volkonsky» bakeries will teach kids how to make pies.

8. «Somersault» station
Exciting games and tribal dancing for toddlers.

9. «A letter to the village»
At this workshop children can make colourful postcards and send it directly to their grannies.

10. «Plant and nurture» station
Together we will plant roses on LavkaLavka plots and learn to look after them.

11. «Magic soap» station
A workshop constructing a magic soap bubble machine.

12. «Hooligans’ songs» station
Children can play funny instruments and sing hooligans’ songs together with musicians.

13. «Kids Flea Market» station
Kids can bring their toys and handcrafted items to swap or sell to each other in exchange for coupons.

14. «Nevergrowingup Land» station
The last station is the place where kids never grow up. Everyone can write a message to their future selves. A bunch of balloons carrying the messages will be then sent flying in the air.

In partnership with Frosch