New Chelyuskinites in New Holland

New Chelyuskinites in New Holland

Together we will recreate the epic story of the brave Chelyuskinites who accomplished quite a feat!

The Chelyuskin expedition travelled from Leningrad to the Arctic in 1933. The passengers hoped to reach Vladivostok before the harsh Arctic winters, but the ship was wrecked and sunk because of the huge ice floes of the Chukchi Sea. After just two hours the ship completely sank, and the whole expedition, comprising more than 100 adult members and two children, found itself on the ice. Untrained either materially or morally, the group quickly sort out the situation and organized the Camp Schmidt, named in honor of the charismatic leader Otto. The passengers lived in the camp on the Arctic’s ice for two entire months before being saved.

The first project which recreated this inspirational historical episode was realized by the artist Emily Newman in the United States. The artist decided to create two distinct generations: children of Russian migrants and their unassimilated grandparents. At New Holland we will repeat this experience, and we invite children and the elderly to participate.

Volunteers aged 7 to 14 and 60 to 90 are invited to participate!

Schedule of meetings:

16 July to 29 August

On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18:00 at the Children Centre

If you want to participate, please sign up by phone: +7 (812) 971 05 10