Open rehearsal of the theater-circus "Montgolfier"

Open rehearsal of the theater-circus "Montgolfier"

Open rehearsals for children by the theater-circus Montgolfier will start in New Holland from August 26. New Holland’s young visitors (aged 7-12) will be invited to take part in the creation of a play directed by Larysa Markina and based on the book of the contemporary Dutch writer Joke van Leeuwen, Eep!. Children will learn to act, to juggle, to dance, and to perform acrobatics. The final open rehearsal will be held on September 11 in the Lecture Hall of the island. The play’s staging will continue in the Netherlands and will be presented to viewers in December 2013.

The plot of the book is perfectly suited for the characteristics of the performative genre and at the same time raises important social issues. It tells the story of a girl, Eep, that the couple Warren and Tina found under a bush. Instead of hands she has wings, so her "parents" have to invent a lot of new ways to nurture their unusual child. But one day Eep flies away without saying goodbye. Tina and Warren know that it is probably for the best, but they really want to say Eep "good-bye" and "fly away if you can not otherwise". So they go to look for her ...

Schedule of events:

August 26-30, 17:00-19:00 Rehearsal at the Children's Center

September 2-7, 9, 10, 17:30-19:00 Rehearsal at the Children's Center

September 11, 17:00 final open rehearsal in the Lecture Hall

Participation is free.

The Circus Theatre Montgolfier

The Circus Theatre Montgolfier is a cultural and social project created to work with children and young people from socially disadvantaged, single-parented and large families and with children in difficult life situations in order to help them thanks to theater and circus pedagogy. The Circus Theatre creates a cultural space in which children learn through creativity understanding, tolerance and love for each other.