Weekend Master classes: AUGUST/WATER

Weekend Master classes: AUGUST/WATER

Along with August comes the last month of the workshop series, The Mystery of the four elements. This month’s theme is WATER! All month long, we will create amazing things: the ocean in a pocket, a mariner's compass, a beauty salon for a whale and a lot more.

All workshops are free and are held on weekends.

Application by phone only: 971 05 10

Here is the schedule for the whole month:



The Mystery of the tie-dye

We will learn about the origin of colors and the ways of coloring textiles. Everyone will paint his/her own bandanna or scarf in the tie-dye technique.


Deep Ocean

We will explore the hidden bottom of the ocean, and each participant will be invited to produce a paper-sculpture diorama.



The Ocean in your pocket

After the holidays, people generally bring back with them shells and pebbles in order to remember the summer and the sea during the harsh winter. This time you will be able to "preserve" your piece from the ocean in a jar and keep it forever.


The outlandish fish

With the help of artists, we will create various inhabitants of the ocean for a blitz exhibition on the veranda.



Magnetic Fishing

Everyone will be asked to make their own version of the popular magnetic fishing game with the help of artists.


Hokusai's wet painting

We will learn more about the painting technique "wet-on-wet", and then we will paint a landscape with the Mount Fuji.



Sea Compass

Everyone knows that the traveler's best friend is his/her compass, but it is not always at hand. That’s why we will learn to make an improvised compass.


Beauty for a whale

Last year, we sent to the distant lands a huge whale that was carrying on its back messages written by us. A year later, it came back to us tired and shabby. Together, we will give it back its former luster and appeal!



Bubble Machine

How can we make a bubble machine out of a pair of socks and a bottle of water? Don’t you know? In this session, we will create this bizarre device with our own hands.


Set of stickers "Marine life"

With the help of artists, each of the participants will be able to create and print their own series of stickers on the theme “Marine life”.



Ghost ship-postcard

There are many legends about ghost ships. This time we will try to come up with our own, and most importantly, everyone will make a pop-up postcard, in which one will be able to find the captain, the ship, and its ghostly crew.


Soap garland

In this master class, we will all learn how to make paper holiday garlands, but not ordinary ones. The patterns will serve as soap bubbles.



I am aquatic

If you are tired of always being dressed up as a bunny or a snowflake, then you need to come to our workshop. Everyone will create his/her own aquatic headdress.


My friend is a bacterium

The aquatic world is not only about dolphins, whales and turtles. There are also myriads of invisible inhabitants like bacteria. Each of us will bring to life one of the invisible inhabitants of the oceans vastness.



New Odyssey

This time we're going to meet the great Homer and offer him our versions of illustrations for his imperishable poem.

The result of this master class will be collected in a book.



Kraken, Hydra, Nessie - the list goes on, and a lot has been written about these creatures. But nobody’s heard anything about the creature that lives in Petersburg channels. Let's try to make it up altogether in our veranda.



The Diving Bell and the Scotch tape

Mark Jenkins made dogs, people, tables, and more using clear packing tape, but he did not think about making a Diving Bell. So we’ll do it.


Concluding session of the series MYSTERY OF THE FOUR ELEMENTS