Large farmers' market: The Farmers

Large farmers' market: The Farmers

As part of the Big Farmer's Market LavkaLavka, the farmers of the cooperative will sell their fresh products from 12:00 to 20:00 in the market of New Holland.

This year participants will be as many as at last year’s market, augmented by new products’ suppliers of the cooperative LavkaLavka.

Maxim Artyuk will sell his ​​meat products - homemade sausages and cold. His Vienna sausages are considered particularly - they are made of nothing but meat from the farmers' cooperative, milk, butter and spices.

Evgenia Zhucheva confirmed her presence at the Market. She is the owner of a green farm in the village of Alekhovshchina. Evgenia’s farm is soon to receive the European Eco-label certification, confirming its compliance with international organic standards.

From last year's market’s participants the American farmer Jay Close will come, known by LavkaLavka’s customers for his wide range of cheeses. The Brothers from the country farm of the Assumption, which are farmsteads of the monastery Optina Pustyn will also come with several kinds of cheese, and their production from the Holy Dormition Monastery in Svjatogorsk, including jams, herbs, syrups and juices, will also be sold at the market.

Anna Prischepnaya will bring fresh meat products. She is an excellent supplier for chicken, roosters, ducks, chicken and duck eggs. Anzor Kasheev will sell his fresh dairy products from yogurt to cheese.

Valery Grishenkov and Maria Zarentseva will also bring their organic fresh vegetables, herbs and berries.

Anatoly Vorontsov will come for the second time with an exclusive breed of catfish: the klariusom. In addition to fresh fish, there will be cold/hot smoked klarius and basturma. Another supplier of fish and seafood, Anton Iskandyrov, will bring a wide range of exceptional frozen products from Sakhalin and Kamchatka.