Large farmer’s market LavkaLavka

Large farmer’s market LavkaLavka

On July 20 New Holland will held for the second time a large open farmer’s market, organized by the farmers cooperative LavkaLavka. In the best tradition of European markets, the cooperative’s farmers will personally present their products to customers. In addition, there will be some festivities including live music, children's master classes and tasty street food made from natural products.

From 12:00 to 20:00 Maxim Artyukov, Eugene Zhucheva, Jay Close, Anna Prischepnaya, Anatoly Vorontsov, as well as other representatives of the farmers, will sell at the market their farm fresh products. Among other natural products, you will be able to find milk, butter, cheese, meat, herbs, seafood, fruit, vegetables, and much more!

From 12:00 to 23:00 the LavkaLavka Supper Club will prepare salads with summer herbs and vegetables, scallops and shrimp on the grill, summer cold soup, and frozen yogurt with berries for dessert. The hot dogs, khvorost, homemade lemonades and unfiltered wheat beer AmberWeiss will remain from Lavklavka’s usual and beloved menu, perfectly complementing the rich and tasty food cooked from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Evgeny Vikentev will make small snacks and tapas, right on the market.

Igor Grishechkin will offer a summer menu of hash, lamb or turkey liver sandwiches. Particular attention should be given to three different ice cream flavors: halva, nut praline and Guriev porridge, and to three original drinks: mushroom tea, cranberry and sea buckthorn juice, and ‘kissel’.

There will also be great music throughout the day, with masterful tracks performed by Petersburg DJ Golkaksokol and his associates. This joyful day will culminate with the performance of the collective Chance-On Manouche, proposing French-gypsy jazz.

Children’s activities are also part of the program from 12:00 to 17:00: from 12:00 to 15:00 children will be invited to draw and tinkering hands, and then to attend a masterclass entitled Pure Calendar. Everyone will get a blank page and, with the help of natural materials will be asked to produce a composition on the theme of a particular month. The Creative manufacture PTH will be responsible for these activities (suitable for children aged 5-13).

Admission is free!