"Yoga without Yoga" with Ksenia Rush

"Yoga without Yoga" with Ksenia Rush

This Sunday at 11:30 am on New Holland we will practice Yoga without yoga with Ksenia Rush.

Together, we will try to forget all that we know about yoga and to ask ourselves whether, in fact, we know our own body or not in order to release the everyday-life tension that it carries. We will also learn how the reasonable use of our energy can be economical and effective.

"I have devoted all my childhood (from 4 to 14 years) to Indian dance and classical choreography. After that, I became a fitness enthusiast. Practising yoga for 12 years, and teaching it for 5, yoga has long been a way of life. Although perhaps now I can say that it is life itself. This is the path through which I'm going day by day, step by step, revealing itself for me to open to the world and to myself. This is a way to maintain a balance and an opportunity to find the quiet center within oneself, while remaining very attentive and open to all events. It is a source of infinite energy, but also a way to keep in touch with internal primeval forces. But above all, yoga is love. My yoga is not about perfection, not about an ideal, or a question of what should be, but about what already is. It's about integrity, about harmony of movement. My yoga is about life and death. But first and foremost, my yoga is love. "

All money given for the classes will be offered to the special school Number 7 (a former boarding school and a hospital, in which live homeless kids with mental disorders).

Classes are held for free (donation).