Audio school’s lecture "Culture of Sound"

Audio school’s lecture "Culture of Sound"

A cycle of 4 lectures entitled Culture of sound by the audio school starts on New Holland on August 27. The school aims to fill up the deficient music education system in Russia, by teaching music and computer technology.


The history of game audio: the evolution of the interactive sound

During the lecture, the sound designer Konstantin Chistyakov will talk about the history of interactive sound from the 70's to the present time, and also reveal the secrets of creating a realistic sound in the virtual world - what sound designers fought for for several decades.


DJ Culture: Life after death

What really represents the profession of DJ, which is located at the border between art and entertainment? This time the lecture will be devoted to the analysis of cultural history, which modified the world of music throughout its existence: contemporary culture has indeed undergone one hundred years of ups and downs, progress and stagnation. All this will be explained by Alexander Nikitin - DJ Hoopa - a music collector and one of the main promoters of house music in St. Petersburg.


Visualization of sound: the new language of communication

The video artist Maxim Svishchev will talk about the origin and development of audio-visual art, how to create a media installation, what is mapping, how modern dance interacts with new technologies, what is a multimedia sculpture, and what is the future for the visualization of sound.


Anatomy of a electronic music hit

The electronic musician and multi-instrumentalist Vladislav Kudryavtsev (Monokle) will demonstrate his method for creating a track, and will talk about the technical intricacies and nuances of a composition.

His track was included on the album Saint's, was published by the German KI Records, and received the Sergei Kuryokhin award in the category "Electromechanics: best album of the year."