Poster Stars: Lecture by Peter Bankov

Poster Stars: Lecture by Peter Bankov

On August 29 Peter Bankov will be the next lecturer of our lectures series Poster Stars, with his lecture A poster every day

Peter Bankov is a Russian designer who established in 1997 (and publishes) a magazine on graphic design [kAk), and has built one of the largest studios, DizaynDepo. Two years ago, he launched a poster series - Not a day without a picture, which is a kind of design-meditation and the designer’s search of his own voice in the visual space.

On the day of Bankov’s talk, New Holland will also launch an exhibition of his posters, which will run until September 12.

Curator of the Program Poster Stars: Mitya Harshak.

Beginning at 19:30 in the lecture hall. Admission is free.