Poster Stars

Poster Stars

The information portal ART1 and New Holland are happy to present a co-project Poster Stars, a series of exhibitions and meetings with leading Russian graphic designers. The meetings will be held in the format of a portfolio-show. Established designers will talk about tricks of the trade, what it takes to design a successful poster, share secrets about famous projects and will show their work. 

 This summer you will have the possibility to meet: 

 06.06 Dmitry Makonnen (Tallinn/Moscow) 
20.06 Vladimir Chaika (Moscow) 
 04.07 Andrey Liublinsky (St. Petersburg) 
18.07 Dmitry Kavko (Moscow) 
 01.08 Igor Gurovich (Moscow) 
15.08 Protey Temen (Moscow) 
 29.08 Petr Bankov (Prague-Moscow) 
 12.09 Yuri Gordon (Moscow) 

 Each lecture start at 19.30 Admission is free. 

 Each lecture will launch a two-week exhibition of the designer-lecturer’s work. 

 Poster Stars is curated by Mitya Kharshak