Lecture Poster Stars: Protey Temen

Lecture Poster Stars: Protey Temen

On August 18 Protey Temen will be the next lecturer of our lectures series Poster Stars.

The meeting will be devoted to the story of the author’s transition from design to the arts. Temen will talk about the ability to find a different approach and to use the knowledge gained from the practice of conducting a visual conversation not with an abstract audience order, but with his inner voice. He then will show examples of the transition from a state of the static to a state of the extended and the systematic. In a sense, this is a conversation which extends the practice of an abstract identity,started two years ago, through the prism of public silence, to which the author has devoted the past year and a half.

An exhibition of posters by Protey Temen will open on the same day and will run until August 29.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

I am Eating when Bored @ 180m2, Moscow (2012)

Passion @ Rojo Nova, Sao-Paolo (2011)

Mechanics Logotype @ LVS Gallery, Seoul (2011)

Oil Project @ Gallery Annexe, Bordeaux (2010)

Dollars & Rozes @ Winzawod, Moscow (2009-2011)

Breakfast Heroes @ Pictoplasma, Berlin (2009)

Geography projects 

Russia, Germany, Korea, Brazil, Cuba, the Netherlands, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Estonia and the United States.


ICA Moscow, New Art Strategies class, 2011-2012

Moscow Institute of Advertising, 2003-2006

Institute of Radio & Television, 2001-2002

Professional Associations

Founder of the group Blood with Dmitry Kavko since 2009

Member of the Moscow Union of Artists since 2011

Member of the partnership of illustrators TSEKH since 2006

Curator of the Poster Stars Program - Mitya Harshak.

Admission is free.