Poster Stars: Andrey Lublinsky

Poster Stars: Andrey Lublinsky

The famous Petersburg artist and designer, member of the group Pprofessors, Andrey Lublinsky, will give a talk on July 4 in the context of our program Poster Stars.

Topic Meetings: From graphics to the object

During the meeting Andrey will talk about his own creative experience. Even a professional audience is often unaware that the group Pprofessors’ first known objects were originally graphic design. Their environmental three-dimensional solutions actually came out of graphic design. The artist will show how and in what way a graphic image can sometimes be developed. Viewers will see how the most recent projects, as well as famous works by Maria Zaborovskaya and Andrey Lublinsky have been carried out during the last ten years.

Admission is free.

On July 4 with the artist’s conference, New Holland is glad to announce the opening of a poster exhibition by Andrey Lublinsky that will take place until July 18.

Curator of the project Poster Stars - Mitia Harshak.

About the author:

Andrey Lublinsky is the founder, together with Maria Zaborovskaya, and member of Pprofessors (implementing projects in the field of contemporary art, design and education). It is quite difficult to pinpoint the area that covers Pprofessors - it can be graphics, product design, environmental solutions, or art in its purest sense.