Poster Stars: lecture by Dmitry Kavko

Poster Stars: lecture by Dmitry Kavko

On July 18 Dmitry Kavko will be the next lecturer of our lectures series Poster Stars.

His lecture’s topic will be Leisure Time.

During the lecture, Dmitry Kavko will talk about his projects of the last 5 years, and about the fact that a departure from the design sphere does not necessarily involve a coming back.

On the day of Kavko’s talk, on July 18, New Holland will host an exhibition of his posters, which will run until August 1.

Dmitry Kavko is a 39-year-old graphic designer born in the city of Perm. He lives and works in Moscow. Recently, he created a series of posters and illustrations for the magazine Big City and the newspaper Moscow News. In addition to custom work, Dmitry Kavko develops his own projects beyond the limits of design: Stuck Unit, Dollars and Roses, The best of the best of the best of logo design, Kursk Station, Hi, Mom, Synopsis, Supermalevich, Earth attacks, Instruction Disgust, Radiodeath.

Curator of the Poster Stars Program - Mitya Harshak.

Admission is free.