Poster Stars: Lecture Igor Gurovich

Poster Stars: Lecture Igor Gurovich

On July 30, as part of our lecture series Poster Stars, Igor Gurovich will give a talk.

Lecture’s topic: Poster-making as a rare opportunity to live in Russia without looking for a permanent residence in Latvia

An exhibition of posters by Igor Gurovich will open on the same day and will run until August 15.

Information about the lecturer:

Igor Gurovich was born in Riga, but graduated from high school in Moscow. In 1984 he entered the Stroganov School, where he studied with a break for military service. After graduation he worked as the chief artist of the IDEE theatre (Montpellier) and the Masterskaja theatre (Moscow). From 1993 to 2002 he worked as the art director of the publishing house Ima-Press. In 2002, together with Eric Belousov and Anna Naumova, Gurovich created a design bureau: OSTENGRUPPE. Over the years, Dmitry Kavko, Ira Southerner, Natasha Shendrik, or Dmitry Makkonen worked for OSTENGRUPPE. In 2009, together with Eric Belousov, Anna Naumova, and Ekaterina Korobkova, he created the design bureau Zoloto, and in 2012 with Eric Belousov and Natalia Agapova he founded another bureau: ARBITSKOLLEKTIV.

A year ago, Gurovich received the Grand Prix of the Poster Biennale Golden Bee in Moscow, and two months ago he received the IKOGRADA prize in Chaumont.

The curator of the Poster Stars Program is Mitya Harshak.

Admission is free.