We are open:

Mon-Thu: 11:00-22:00

Fri-Sun: 11:00-23:00

New Holland is a public and civilized space. We are open to all, but would like to keep the Island clean. So some simple rules will help you and us to maintain the nice atmosphere of the area.

Good to know

There are real buildings behind the fence. We ourselves sometimes want to walk around the warehouses, but safety is more important. And there’s a lot of more interesting things going on on the island, so look around.

All around the Island, there are people wearing a form: they are here to provide security. In any case, you can ask them for help.

Well, you can just lie down, sit down, eat something and have a chat. But on the Island there is also ...

... Every night at 20:00 we kindle the fire. You can sit down around it and enjoy. But do not cook and do not throw something in it, please, even the most beautiful thing.

… You can take with you your skate, longboards, BMX, because we have a skate pool. You can reach it by a special track, but we ask BMX practitioners to hurry.

… Every weekend there is a Bazaar. Enjoy a good bite, but please throw your waste in the trash after eating.

… You can rent a frisbee, a basketball and a volleyball, or the equipment needed for playing ping-pong and badminton at the information point . Pick it up and play.

… You can learn something: to paint on canvas, to sit in siddhasana pose or on a twine, to learn English, to rehearse a couple of salsa pas. All of this can be done on the Island during our master classes.

If you have any questions, please contact the administrators of the Island. They can always be found at the information office. There are also hanging blue mailboxes for letters, complaints and wishes.

Better to know

We try to make sure that during the “Summer in New Island” you can lay on the grass. You can help us very much, just by putting your waste in a garbage.

There are picturesque and interesting buildings all along the perimeter of the island. Channels are nice to look at. It is important to remember that kids are especially interested in places where they are not allowed. Watch for children.

Food and drinks can be purchased on the island. Do not bring supplies: even if you like lemonade, someone can prefer porto. And then we can not avoid the impolite and turbulent drunks. Food and drinks should be left at the gate on the rack.

During the most sunny days there may be big queues in front of the island, because for now we cannot accept more than 3000 people at a time.

If you are lucky enough to have a boat or a jet ski, please moor them in a convenient location outside of the Island - channels and pond are closed for cleaning.

Smoking is allowed in special places. Children, and those who do not like smoke just do not go there. There you can escape from the harsh attitudes of the fighters for a healthy life.Look for our recognizable icons.

Please do take photos and videos for yourselves. However, any commercial, artistic and other professional shooting need to be discussed with the administration. We would not like New Holland to become the background of projects that we are not aware of.

We love bikes. And even more when they are not the cause of unfortunate incidents. Cyclists should leave their bikes at the bicycle parking.

Benches and ping-pong tables do not need to be moved, they are in place. Please do not try.

If you are under 14, you must come on the island with an adult.

We love pets, but please do not walk them on New Holland. Leave dogs and cats outside of the island.

The New Holland Island is a historical object. Imagine that you are at the Hermitage, sitting next to a microscopic caretaker wearing a bonnet. Make sure that your refined talk would not wake her up.

The place of art and creativity is in an art gallery: the historic buildings and the wooden town at the center of the island are not intended for your self-expression.