Orange Days in New Holland

Orange Days in New Holland

Dear friends!

As you probably already know, 2013 is the year of cultural exchange between Russia and the Netherlands.

It's only natural that we were second after King Willem-Alexander to find out. And we already have a big plan of how we will celebrate this exciting occasion.

From July 1st to 14th New Holland will host Orange Days — a festival of Dutch contemporary culture. To put it simply, in New Holland you will see what good old Holland has to offer these days - exhibitions of Dutch photographers, a pop-up photo studio, films presented by Rotterdam Film Festival and many other exciting events.

Architecture Summer Camp

Together with The New Institute, New Holland will organize a Summer Architecture Camp, led by Dutch architect Paul Meurs and with the help of Vladimir Frolov, Chief Editor of the magazine, Project Baltia. Over the course of the week, ten architecture students from Russia and the Netherlands will study modern facets of developing cultural centers, eventually producing their own models for the future version of New Holland. These final projects will be presented to the public, and the best ideas will inform the actual reconstruction of the island.

Me & My Models, an exhibition of photographs by Jan Hoek

As a collaboration with FOAM magazine, New Holland will host Me & My Models, an exhibition of young Dutch photographer Jan Hoek. Hoek’s lens fixes its focus on an unusual coterie of amateur models: African homeless people with mental health problems; girls without arms or legs; heroin addicts dreaming of becoming supermodels; and random people from the internet. Hoek’s work plays with the theme of the fleeting relationship between the photographer, his model and the conflicting expectations that happen during a photo shoot.

The exhibition will include a screening of a film in which the photographer divulges more about unpleasant, amusing, touching and painful moments from his professional life.

Workshop with Food-Designer Marije Vogelzang

As a future student of product design, Marije Vogelzang discovered that food was the ideal material for her early experiments. Since that time, she has created a vast array of projects involving food, as an instrument for collaboration between others, as well as a source of new revelations and sensations; her activities range from performances and installations, to creating lunches for overweight children.

On New Holland, Marije will lead a workshop for all interested, where she will share her experiences of working with food as a material for design, expression and experimentation.

REFUNС Performance Design Laboratory

REFUNC is a Dutch design laboratory, working at the crossroads of design, art and architecture, to create experimental structures from local waste and recyclables. These works are always connected to the local context and the history of the items used. REFUNC consists of five artists: Denis Oudendijk, Jan Körbes, Damian van der Velde, Bart Groenewegen, and Boris Duijneveld.

For New Holland, REFUNC will produce a unique object, based on research conducted on site. The process of creation itself will take place as a performance.

Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroeak: The Exactitudes Project

For over 19 years, photographers Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek have documented the dress codes of different social groups on the streets of Rotterdam and other world cities. The title of this series of works – Exactitudes – derives from a combination of English words: exact and attitude. Capturing their subjects in the most identical context as possible, with the same poses and carefully selected accessories, they conduct an almost scientific study of people’s attempts to identify themselves through their appearance.

Screenings from the Rotterdam International Film Festival

As part of the Orange Days Festival, the island’s art gallery will host a series of screenings of short films, selected from the program of the Film Festival.

EYE Film Institute Netherlands, the Dutch centre for film culture and heritage, is dedicated to developing a vigorous film culture in the Netherlands. Through its activities and services, EYE aims to foster a viable film industry in the Netherlands and to promote Dutch film at home and abroad.

Giuseppe Licari: Hortus Conclusus

Giuseppe Licari was born in Sicily in 1980. In 1999, he moved to Bologna to study painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, later studying at the AKI Enschede in the Netherlands. Since 2007, he has lived and worked in Rotterdam. His practice consists mainly of social-based work, and installations, interacting with a given locality, its art and social spaces.

For New Holland, Licari will transform the roof of the art gallery into an installation, Hortus Conclusus (Latin for “a closed garden”), as a metaphor for freedom and social space.

Summer in New Holland

Summer in New Holland is a seasonal summer program on the island of New Holland, which samples from the most diverse areas of contemporary culture. The program is the first step of a grand-scale renovation of New Holland Island, which aims to preserve the island as a monument of architecture while rethinking its role within the city. By 2017, the island will feature a multi-use center for culture, commerce, and tourism.

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