Slow Kitchen

Slow Kitchen

This summer there is a reason to come to the island for breakfast and stay until dinner time and it's the new exciting cafe-bar Slow Kitchen that has unfolded on the waterside of the New Holland's Pond.

Why Slow Kitchen? The name was derrived from two trends in the modern cuisine: Slow Food movement started in 1986 by Italian chef Carlo Petrini, the essence of which is to preserve the traditions of regional «home» cooking and maintain the high quality of food with basic processing techniques. The second part of the name was drawn from the famous film by Fatih Akin «Soul Kitchen».

The founders of Slow Kitchen Masha Kube (LavkaLavka, Zing Bar) and Vasilisa Sergeeva (Solyanka, Lebedinoe Ozero) decided to focus on the variety of snacks found in Medditerrenean and Middle Eastern cousine: baba ganoush, homous, tabbouleh and tapenades. The mains mostly consist of the grilled food and Sunday roasts as well as various «Dishes of the Day», prepared by friends of the projects. The cocktail menu was created by Ivan Reshetnikov from Zing Bar. Sergey Bukin, the architect of «Summer in New Holland» was in charge of designing the space and the trademark was created by Gorky Park's media director and «Summer in New Holland» website designer Daria Beglova.

We are sure you will enjoy the warm, cozy and friendly atmosphere of Slow Kitchen.  

Opening times:
MON-FRI: 12.00–22.00
FRI-SUN: 12.00–23.00
Inquiries: +7 911 924 31 37