Cannes Lions

Cannes Lions

On Saturday, August 10, at 19:00 will be held a meeting at Ecoworking devoted to the International Advertising Festival Cannes Lions.

Sergei Yanovsky, the owner of Russia's first gold medal of the Young Lions Cyber ​​and experience lead agency Act, will lead a discussion on socially-oriented projects.

Sergei will talk about how brands are turning to modern society, taking as an example the winners of the Cannes Film Festival last year, and what Russian companies are doing for people, cities and the market.

At the end of the meeting, the best clips of recent Cannes Lions winners will be shown.

A workshop will take place after the lecture, in which everyone can learn how to create original solutions for brands on a real brief.


1.5 hours - lecture

15 minutes - break

45 minutes - Workshop

15 minutes - break

1 hour - showing clips

The space is limited to 20 people. Mandatory registration on: