Playing the "cap"

Playing the "cap"

On Sunday, July 28, at 16:00, the creative space Ecoworking in New Holland will host the fourth Open Championship of St. Petersburg cap.

What is a cap? The aim is simple: you need to explain a maximum of words in thirty seconds, while not breaking the rules. You are not allowed to use words of the same root, a direct translation, to spell out, or to point at what you are explaining. The other nuances of the game will appear during the game itself.

How to define a word? The ways you can describe a word are varied: sing a song, with gestures, by winking, belly dancing, with other words, or whatever, it just has to be effective or, at least, spectacular.

But what is the difference with the game What? Where? When? The beauty of Cap resides in the fact that it combines elements of intellectual and fun games. Here it is not always the intellect that wins, because it highly depends on the reaction rate and the level of mutual understanding between the partners.

What do you need to participate? The event is free. In order for us to know the approximate number of participants, please write a comment on our post cap on the Ecoworking facebook page ( / ecoworkinglife) or vk page ( / ecoworkinglife).

The first cap championship was held in 2011. From that moment, the audience has doubled, and today there are over 200 participatants in the championship. Here is a link to the official community: / shapka_spb.

Ecoworking is a space proposing a new format for work, education and recreation for people with different background. The ideology of the project is based on material and spiritual ecology, which is embodied in the new format of the joint space for youth work, education and recreation in an atmosphere of personal and social harmony. Ecoworking first opened on the island of New Holland in St. Petersburg, and we plan to open new centers in other cities of Russia.

Official Ecoworking page on Facebook: / ecoworkinglife