Cafe-bakery «Volkonsky»

Cafe-bakery «Volkonsky»

In every realm of human activity there is a set standart against which we measure quality of one product or another.

When one mentions a bakery the first thing that springs to our mind is a chain of bakeries «Volkonsky» that one should definitely visit when in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kiev, where «Volkonsky» have 21 branches.  

We made it even easier for you as this summer we again had chosen «Volkonsky» to be our food partner and offer our visitors their famous range of delicious bread and bakery. Specifically for New Holland, «Volkonsky» created fresh and light summer menu that consists not only of their trademark sandwiches and paninis but of various cold soups, hot dishes, quiches, ice cream and vegeterian food.

Fresh bread and bakery are delivered to the island a few times a day. All food is served in eco-friendly plates made of bamboo.

Opening times:
MON-THUS: 11.00 – 22.00
FRI-SUN: 11.00 – 23.00
Inquiries: +7 911 176 24 68