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Special music sessions at the Ice Rink

11/14/2020 - 03/14/2021
8 pm – 9 pm

Every day, 8–9 pm

This year, resident DJs of NHI.FM radio have recorded a special musical accompaniment for the Ice Rink, and the 6 pm sessions (from November 21, 8 pm) every day will have special musical themes — you can skate to classical music hits, famous film soundtracks, romantic songs of the Soviet pop music, fairy tale hymns of classical composers, Brazilian music of the ‘60s, California yacht-rock, retro-futuristic electronics and other bespoke musical selections

Regular ticket prices apply. See the Ice Rink page for tickets.


Snow queens of the USSR

Music from the prominent female musicians of the Soviet scene. Anna Veski, Tatiana Antsiferova, Anna German and other “snow queens” of the past — both in the original and in the modern versions.


Saint Petersurf

Surf rock is the beach guitar music of the ‘60s. Sea, surfing, yachts and convertibles.


Tokyo Neon Lights And City Of Pop

Romantic, light, carefree and happy music of Japan of the ‘70s and ‘80s, recorded on the wave of economic recovery. The Japanese answer to Western pop music.


One Night At CBGB

CBGB is a legendary New York club, which lasted for decades and launched the careers of dozens of great artists: from Blondie and Talking Heads to Ramones and Iggy Pop. Immerse in the atmosphere of the ‘70s.



Catch The Beat

Music of street parties in the rough areas of New York in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s — the birth of hip-hop, breakdance and other attributes of popular street culture.


40-50-60s Swing

Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, Dean Martin, Big Band jazz — a party in the style of swing.


Tales of the Blue Screen

music of movie wizards from both sides of the Atlantic. Soundtracks from the most popular fairy tales of the last hundred years.

Friday, Saturday, 10–11 pm

Silent Disco 

Special session with music playing in wireless headphones.

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