Local Studies: Liza Dolzhanskaya — Okhta, Lakhta and the new stage of the Mariinsky: how and why St. Petersburg is changing its appearance

7:30–9 pm Pavilion


October 25, 7:30 pm

Liza Dolzhanskaya is a graduate of the Socio-Cultural Faculty of the Moscow School of Economics.

Free admission. Places are limited. Please keep a safe distance, wear a mask for the duration of the lecture, and stay home if you feel sick.

Please, register in advance (link in Russian). 18+

Lectures on local studies 

Everyday life of St. Petersburg — from the beginning to the present day

Curator: Yulia Galkina, journalist, special correspondent of The Village, co-author of the book The Stories of St. Petersburg Houses told by their residents

The main characters of this series are ordinary people as they are the most interesting phenomenon of the local history. What was the life of a 19th-century citizen like? Why in the 21st century St. Petersburg millennials suddenly fell in love with the old housing? What was it like to live in the House of Political Convicts and the Tear of Socialism building? Areas of new buildings: deprivation and destruction of social institutions or strong horizontal ties? Lecturers are historians, city guides, sociologists, researchers of St. Petersburg and will try to answer all these questions. The aim of the series is to show how St. Petersburg’s daily life has changed and why it affects us more than we would like.