Garage Museum of Contemporary Art lectures: Anton Ryanov, Inclusion in Contemporary Art: Challenges and Extremes of the New Ethics

7:30–9 pm Pavilion


October 4, 7:30 pm

Anton Ryanov is an artist, curator of exhibition and inclusive projects. 

Free admission. Places are limited. Please keep a safe distance, wear a mask for the duration of the lecture, and stay home if you feel sick.

Please, register in advance (link in Russian). 18+

Contemporary Art: Current Approaches

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art Lectures

Curator: Ekaterina Lazareva, Ph.D., curator of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

The third joint lecture cycle by Garage and New Holland Island brings together artists, curators, critics, and scholars who will discuss twenty-first-century art, its evolution over time, and the formats, conceptual approaches, and methodologies operating today.

It has now over fifty years since the emergence of contemporary art. Today, the logic of its history is increasingly abandoning modernist linearity, which explained the diversity of phenomena by a consistent gradual change in artistic movements. The eclectic picture of contemporary art at its “focal points” is complemented by the peripheral polyphony of differences, calling for a horizontal history of art rather than that which was written in the West. The variety of intellectual sources and critical approaches allows current agendas and various research optics to be addressed.

Science fiction and speculative geography, big narratives and slow activism, the underside of psychoanalysis and nonhuman agents: these and other intellectual and artistic horizons will be presented and discussed during this new lecture cycle as part of New Holland Island’s Open Lecture Hall program of educational events.