Takie Dela lectures: Journalists or activists: where is the line between engagement and objectivity?

7:30–9 pm Pavilion

Takie Dela

October 20, 7:30 pm

The discussion will be attended by journalists and media managers. 

Moderator: Vladimir Shvedov.

Free admission. Places are limited. Please keep a safe distance, wear a mask for the duration of the lecture, and stay home if you feel sick.

Please, register in advance. 18+

Lectures from Takie Dela

New Social Reality

Curator: Takie Dela publication

Takie Dela portal tells the stories of people from all over the country and writes about social problems to draw attention to them and try to solve them together. Takie Dela lecture series will invite the audience to think and understand the meaning of the term “social” today, to ponder on how our society is changing and how it concerns each of us. Can we influence these changes? Why should we talk about social problems at all and what kind of language do we need? People creating real change — who are they? And after all, how should we live with it?