Seance Film Club: Old movies on the big screen. How to watch and show

4–6 pm Pavilion


October 3, 4 pm

Alexey Bazhin is an enthusiast of retrospective screening.  

Nikita Smirnov is a film critic and editor.

Free admission. Places are limited. Please keep a safe distance, wear a mask for the duration of the lecture, and stay home if you feel sick.

Please, register in advance (link in Russian). 18+

Lectures by Seance magazine 

Curator: Vasily Stepanov, film critic, editor-in-chief of Seance magazine 

Seance magazine continues a series of lectures and film screenings dedicated to outstanding film debuts, unknown chapters in the history of cinema, books and the most important trends in the world of cinema today. Films that are not shown in cinemas, meetings with directors and experts from other cinematic professions, essential to the film process.