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Commandant's House

The Commandant's House is the most recent of the historical buildings on the island, and until recently, was not included among the historical architectural monuments within the New Holland complex. Earlier, the building was home to the family of the Commandant of the island, while in the Soviet period, it served as an office for the naval administration. In 2013, the building was awarded the status of monument and was renovated according to the standards set by the Committee for the State Inspection and Preservation of Historical and Cultural Monuments. It now features cast iron canopies, a metal fire escape and a modern interior. At present, the Commandant's House has been outfitted to meet the needs of a modern school.



The Mayak (“Lighthouse”) School of Creative Industries is an educational center for children and teenagers from 5 to 17 years old. Based on principles of active practice and integration into the professional creative process, the education offered at Mayak enables students to explore different creative industries, allowing their own aspirations to help guide them towards selecting their future profession.

The Mayak School

  • Operates on the foundations of the British academic system, one of the most developed educational systems in the world, oriented towards discovering one’s potential, unique features and personal talents.
  • Employs the most innovative approaches in the spheres of career guidance, based on the structures of career and training trajectories, discovery and development of talents, and personalized learning.
  • Advocates for project-oriented thinking, teamwork and accountability.
  • Forges a unique community of young people who share a proactive mindset.
  • Offers advanced classroom equipment to allow students to test out various technical possibilities for realizing their creative projects. The school building is outfitted for computer classes, a photo- and film-studio, a class for work with sound and music, a multifunctional art studio and an animation class.

Main Areas of Training

Contemporary music and sound design
2D and 3D Animation
Development of Computer Games
Basics of Journalism: blogging
Art Studio for kids 5-7 y.o.
Programme for kids 7-11 y.o.


Mon–Fri: 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Sat–Sun: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm


+7 (812) 926 77 56


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