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Toddlers' Playground

This playground is designed especially for our youngest visitors to the island. Here every child can find an activity to keep them busy, from a quiet game in the sand to more active pursuits, like conquering the slide. For parents, the structure of the pillars might recall the architecture of the warehouses on the island, and from the shops, they enjoy an excellent view of the surroundings.

Playground rules

While every child can find an activity to keep them busy, this playground was designed to be the most fun for children under 7 years old.

All children must have an adult present and supervising. Parents, please keep a close watch on your children as they play. This will help ensure a good time for everyone.

It is during playtime that children get to know the world around them and develop social skills. Be sure to allow your child to actively explore the playground, engage in conversations, make friends, have fun and even resolve conflicts independently.

Do not let your child eat while engaged in active play. It is more comfortable to eat while sitting on the bench, not on the swing.

Please remember the most basic safety rules and do not allow your child to get too close to a swinging object. Getting on and off of the moving objects is much easier when they are fully stopped.

Let your child choose which play zone seems most interesting to them, though if, for example, the slide is too busy, try to direct their attention to other areas.

Please try to keep the children’s zone clean, leaving the playground as you found it.

If you notice any kind of malfunction on the playground, please notify the administrators of the island or a member of the security team.

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