On August 22 the Frigate playground is open until 6:30 PM. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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The Frigate Playground

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9:30 AM — 8 PM

The kids' playground is one of the main new attractions of the Island. Designed by West 8 in collaboration with Richter, the leading specialists in public spaces for children of all ages, this one-of-a-kind playground has been modeled after the hull of the frigate The Petr and Pavel. It is built at 80% of the original scale and measures 26 meters long and 6 meters high. The ship has been outfitted in keeping with the traditions of Russia's master shipbuilders. The interior space is divided into several levels of play spaces, each in accordance with safety standards. Here the Island's smallest visitors will feel like real sailors among slides, ropes, cannons, telescopes, and steering wheels. All of these elements immerse them in the history of the Island and its founder, Peter the Great. Next to this playground is a smaller covered area to allow parents to comfortably keep an eye on their children as they play.

Playground rules

The Frigate is most fun for children aged 5 or older (and more fun for their parents too!)

Children under 12 must be accompanied in the playground by an adult. Children under 6 years old must also be accompanied on the Frigate.

If the number of children playing on the Frigate is close to the permitted limit, access for adults may be restricted.

Our ship is one of the world’s tallest playgrounds, so please read the following guidelines:


Exploring the Frigate, having fun with the people around you, and climbing wherever it is possible to climb without the help of an adult.

If you are older than 14, please let the younger children go first, allowing them an opportunity to explore all the various spaces of the Frigate. If there aren't any younger kids around, then feel free to look around for yourselves.

Protecting the Frigate for your own kids and grandchildren. We hope that it will be here for a long time to come.

Sharing your experience at New Holland's Infocenter.

Leaving backpacks and larger bags at the Bag Check.


Bringing food, chewing gum, candy, cakes, cotton candy and beverages onto the Frigate.

Playing on the Frigate after dark or in bad weather.

Pushing, squealing, or cutting in line.

Breaking or damaging the Frigate.

Bringing toys like swords, balls, toy cars or dolls, onto the Frigate. For safety reasons a child’s hands must be free.

Ignoring the instructions of the administrators and entering the playground when access has been limited.


Respect the right of your child to choose which height or speed is most appropriate for them. Do not try to make your child slow down or go faster. They will enjoy themselves more, be safer, and experience new things.

Match the height of the play structures with the height and skill level of your child. Please remember that for a child, any game, learning activity, climbing exercise or communication is more important than a photograph. When the child is older, you can come back again and snap your selfies.

Please make sure your child has comfortable attire, with no heels and no long scarves, necklaces, headphones or bags around their neck, that could get caught in elements of the Frigate. It is important that their ankles are well supported, and that their clothing allows for easy movement.

If you or your child ends up somewhere difficult to get down from, please feel free to call for help from a park attendant. We are here to ensure that you have a good time.


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