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Mon–Thu: 9:00am – 10:00pm

Fri–Sun: 9:00am – 11:00pm

Last admission 30 minutes before the Park closes. Admission is free

 There are disabled accessible bathrooms and a nappy changing room on the ground floor of the Bottle House.


Merchandise is available in the Infocenter


190000, Saint Petersburg 
Admiralteysky Canal Embankment, 2

Admiralteyskaya — 1,9 km
Sennaya Ploschad — 2,4 km 
Nevsky Prospekt — 2,7 km


Truda Square bus stop
Buses: 3, 6, 22, 27, 70, 71, 100
Trolleybuses: 5, 22
Share taxi: К-6, К-62, К-124, К-169, К-186, К-187, К-306, К-350

Pisareva Street bus stop
Share taxi: К-124, К-186


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Guide dogs are welcome


There is a disabled accessible toilet on the ground floor of the Bottle House


New Holland is a civilized public space. We are open to everyone, but we do have some rules to ensure that all visitors enjoy their time on the Island.


Behind the fence there is a construction site. While even we are sometimes tempted to take a shortcut through the yard, safety always comes first. The public part of the island is a lot more interesting, trust us!

Around the Island you’ll notice people in uniform. They are here to ensure everyone’s safety. You can approach them if you need help, but they may have some requests of their own for those who have got a little too fired up.

Yes, it’s lovely to just lie on the grass, find a seat, have a bit to eat or enjoy a little conversation. But that’s not all you can do on the Island.

... At the Infocenter you can rent frisbees, checkers and chess, and equipment for ping-pong, pétanque or badminton. Go have yourself a ball.

...Or, alternately, pick up a new skill: start painting on canvas, perfect your splits or siddhasana pose, learn English or try out a few salsa steps. All of this is possible at public workshops and classes on the Island.

...There are several kiosks selling food. There you can also pick up plates and utensils. We ask that you dispose of these in the bins provided once you have finished eating.

If you need help, you can contact the Island administration, who are located at the Infocenter. There you can also find a blue mailbox for your letters, comments, and confessions.

On the lawns you may walk, lie down, read, fly a kite — the main thing is not to disturb or inconvenience other visitors. In the children’s play areas you can play and have fun, making sure that you follow the safety rules displayed on the information stands.


We have done everything we can so that you can just stretch out on the Island’s grassy lawns without the fear of broken glass or other debris. We would be grateful if you could help us by disposing of trash in the bins provided.

We are happy for our guests to have picnics during their visit, but please do not bring glass bottles or alcohol onto the Island.

Along the perimeter of the Island is a picturesque and intriguing old building. It’s certainly lovely to gaze at it from the canals. But children find everything fascinating, especially those places where they aren’t allowed. Please keep an eye on your kids.

On the sunniest days and public holidays you may encounter a line at the gate. In the interests of safety, everyone has to pass through security and we have to cap admission to ensure that there are no more than 5,000 people on the island at any given moment.

If you are lucky enough to have a yacht or a jet ski, please dock them at convenient point outside the Island. The pond and canals are closed for cleaning.

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is allowed in dedicated areas, where you won’t find children or people averse to tobacco smoke. There you can take shelter from the disapproving glances of advocates of a healthy lifestyle. Follow the signs.

Do feel free to take photographs and videos for personal use. Any commercial, artistic or other type of processional shoot must be approved in advance by the management. We wouldn’t want New Holland to be the backdrop for anything less-than-flattering.

The park is a pedestrian zone. Please leave all bicycles, scooters, hoverboards and other means of transportation at the bicycle parking station. Unless you’re under 6 years old, then you can ride.

There is no need to move the benches and ping-pong tables. They are already in the right place.

If you are lucky enough to be under 14 years old, you need to be accompanied onto the Island by an adult.

We all love animals, but New Holland is not the place to walk them. Please leave your pets at home.

New Holland Island is a historical site. Picture yourself in the Hermitage next to a tiny supervisor in a little cap. Please make sure that your exquisite language does not wake her.

The place for art and creativity is the Pavilion and in the Mayak School. The historic buildings and wooden structures on the Island are not intended for self-expression.

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