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Here at New Holland Island we welcome all visitors. We are constantly working to make our environment accessible to as many people as possible.

Access to the island

Bus stops from the city center are 450 meters (buses 3, 22, 27) and 620 meters (trolleybuses 5, 22) from the Island entrance. If you are in a wheelchair or have difficulty climbing stairs, please note that you can cross Truda Square only by the underpass which is not equipped with neither elevators nor ramps. The closest pedestrian crossing is near Blagoveshchenskiy Bridge, in this case the way to the distance to the Island is 620 meters from the bus stop and 940 meters from the trolleybus stop.

The historic sidewalks on the Admiralty Channel embankment are high, but have ramps near the traffic lights at Truda Square and near the entrance to the Island. We recommend that people with limited mobility use the sidewalk on the opposite side of the embankment.

You can also get to the Island from Dekabristov Street. The stops for buses 2, 6, 22, and 71 is located 850 meters from the entrance to the Island.

Taxis can be stop directly at the entrance.

Please note: there is a paid parking in the Admiralteyskiy district. In order not to pay for a parking space, a disabled person or a person transporting them must park in a designated disabled space and be sure to place an identification sign on the car window. Dedicated parking spaces for disabled people are available right at the entrance to the park.

Entering the Island

Entrance to the Island is through a metal detector frame. People using wheelchairs, people with pacemakers, neurostimulators and cochlear implants are exempt from this rule, please ask security staff at the entrance.

No pets are allowed on the Island, except guide dogs and specially trained assistance dogs of a person with a disability.

Moving around the park.

The main area of the park is barrier-free. There are benches along the entire length of Linden and Garden alleys of the park, in summer there are outdoor chairs on the lawns. Some of the paths are paved with flat stone, which do not hinder wheelchair use, but can cause discomfort due to vibration. Linden and Garden alleys and the promenade behind House 12 have comfortable pressed sand pavement.

The entrance to the Herb Garden on the side of the Foundry requires climbing two steps. The entrance on the lawn side is barrier-free.

The entrance to the Frigate playground area is barrier-free, but the ship itself requires climbing stairs, so it may not be accessible to visitors with disabilities. The toddler playground is not restricted by barriers.

Entering the buildings

The entrance to historic buildings is limited by their architectural features, but we do our best to provide maximum accessibility.

There is a small doorstep at the entrance to the Bottle House. There is an employee call button next to the building entrance to help open the door and get over the doorstep if needed. There is an elevator inside the building that accommodates a wheelchair, and the entrance to all of Bottle House cafes, stores, and studios is barrier-free.

The Commandant’s House entrance is equipped with a wheelchair elevator at the back of the building. There is a button next to the entrance to call a staff member.

The entrances to the Foundry building also have doorsteps. A staff member, who can be called using the buttons next to the entrances, will help you get over them.

There is a security employee at the entrance to House 12 who will help open the door if needed.

There is temporarily no employee call button at the Community entrance. We will solve this problem soon.


Accessible toilets are located on the first and second floors of the Bottle House, at Kuznya Cafe and on the first floor of House 12.

For visitors with small children

We welcome even the youngest visitors. A nappy changing table is located in the accessible toilet the first floor of the Bottle Building. In the Commandant’s House there is a playroom, where children from 3 to 10 years old can be left under the supervision of tutors (this is a commercial service, information on the website of My School). All paths in the park and the corridors of the Bottle building are accessible with a baby stroller.

Help and Information

There is an Information Center on the island where you can get information about the Island orally or in the form of printed materials. The Information Center administrators will help you if you have difficulty navigating the island.

Blind and visually impaired people can rent a tactile map (free), as well as an audio guide (100 rubles upon presentation of a document) at the Information Center.

During the warm season there are guided tours in Russian sign language. Tour times can be found on our website and at the Information Center.

If you have a disability that does not allow you to stand in line (for example, at the entrance to a concert), please contact the staff of the Island and you will be allowed to pass without queuing.

If you still have questions before visiting the island, please call +7 (812) 245 20 35 or email info@newhollandsp.com and we will help.

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