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Community Center is an urban lounge for those who like to spend time on the Island, a place where you can meet interesting people, work, attend lectures, watch movies, and hold an open event.

Workstations are equipped with comfortable desks, wireless Internet and outlets for charging gadgets, the Reading Room has a large selection of modern and classic literature put together with the help of partners (No Kidding Press, Ad Marginem, Garage, Strelka Press, Boomkniga, Chaosss/Press, Slovo, Cloudberry, Sindbad, Livebook, Individuum, Popcorn Books, Poryadok Slov, Seance, V–A–C Press, Arka, Zangavar, Translit, Nosorog, Muzyka / Rech, ITMO University Center for Science Communication, Tochki Zreniya Library, ROSPHOTO, A+A, Podpisnie Izdaniya, Vse Svobodny), including special editions for the visually impaired, and in the Lounge you can play board games or ping pong. There is a checkroom and lockers at the entrance, as well as food and beverage vending machines.

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The cost of the entrance ticket is 200  ₽. The ticket is valid throughout the day of the purchase. Concession tickets are free for children under 14 years old, pensioners, visitors with disabilities and members of large families, upon presenting a document confirming the benefit. Children under 14 years old are admitted to the Center only if accompanied by an adult.

Visitors receive a sticker as ticket. Please attach the sticker to your clothes in a visible place and keep it on for the whole time of the visit. Visitors without a sticker will not be allowed in.

The cost of additional services is not included in the ticket price and is to be paid separately, including, but not limited to, goods in the vending machine, tickets to paid events, pinball machine tokens.

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Concession season pass for 3 months is free for residents of the highlighted area upon presenting a proof of residence.

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Uniting like-minded people and citizens at New Holland Island has always been an important objective of the project, along with the restoration of buildings and the development of the area. The events of recent years have once again reminded us how important it is not to lose touch with the loved ones, to support each other and to spend time together.

Members of New Holland Island's creative team (curators, designers, editors, and other key contributors to the project) will be on duty at the Community Center each day, so that the guests can personally approach with their ideas.

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You will find information desk, checkroom, bathrooms, bulletin board, pinball and vending machines. You will need special tokens to play the pinball machine. You can buy them from the administrator at the information desk for 100 rubles. The bulletin board is a means of communication between visitors of the Island. Here you can announce an interesting event, post a lost pet ad, or find friends. You can bring your own ad or ask the receptionist for some paper. We reserve the right to take down disrespectful, offensive or rude ads.


In the lounge there is a tennis table and a shelf with board games. There is also a pinball machine near the wardrobe.

If you want to play table tennis, ask the administrator for the rackets. First hour is free, 300 ₽ per hour after that. Security deposit for the rackets is 1000 ₽. We ask you not to play table tennis during events (movie screenings, lectures and concerts) so as not to disturb other guests.

Feel free to take any board game from the shelf. After playing, please return it in its original form: neatly folded, with all parts. If you find that something is missing, please inform the administrator.


We have collected books on various topics in the Reading Hall. You can pick them from the shelf, but please do not bring books outside of the Center. If you accidentally damage a book, please tell the administrator. If the damage is minor, we will just keep it in mind, but if it is serious, we will have to ask you to replace the book with a similar one.


You bring coffee and other non-alcoholic beverages into the Center, but we ask that you not bring food with you. If you want a snack, you can buy something from the vending machine at the entrance, but please do not bring food into the Reading Hall or Lecture Hall.


Free Wi-Fi is available in the Center. Network id is Community FREE WiFi. You can use it for work, entertainment, and research. But please do not download large files and do not use streaming services, as it will affect the Internet speed for other visitors.


You can keep up with Community Center events at newhollandsp.com, as well as on the Island’s social media. If you would like to hold your own event or a gathering, please send a request to info@newhollandsp.com. In the application, please describe the event in detail, stating the format of the event, the number of participants, and the anticipated date.


The Community Center is a place where people interact, so we ask everyone to treat each other with respect, to keep quiet in the work area and Study Hall, and not to make noise when there is a lecture or movie screening nearby.


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