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Herb Garden

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During the park opening hours

In front of The Foundry you will find a large grass and herb garden, which separates the terrace from the kids’ playground.

In 2018 the Mox landscape architecture bureau gave the grass and herb garden a makeover, with natural-looking flowerbeds filled with various types of grass and perennials from different parts of the world. The plants are arranged in large groups, with particular attention paid to when they flower, and for how long. The adaptability of the plants to the local climate is crucial to the flowerbeds’ success.

Center stage in New Holland’s grass and herb garden is occupied by woodland sage (Salvia nemorosa), directing its bright purple streaks throughout the flowerbed, and a variety of grasses between 40cm and 2m in height. Standalone perennials create striking color accents, passing the baton from one to another throughout the season. As a result, the garden’s is continually changing: even a month after your last visit, you might come back and not even recognize it.

In 2019, more than 10 kinds of tulips, fritillaries, and  daffodils and other bulbous flowers were added to the herb garden.

In order to keep the plants happy, and to keep them keeping you happy right through the summer, all we ask is that you follow these simple rules.


Walking along the paths

Sniffing the flowers

Taking photos

Finding out more about the plants from the booklet on sale in the Infocenter


Plucking or digging up the flowers and plants

Walking among the bushes or step on the plants

Touching the flowers

Droping litter or rubbish in the herb garden

Playing sports or any active games in the herb garden or nearby

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