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The Frigate Playground

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10 a.m — 6 p.m.

The kids' playground is one of the main new attractions of the Island. Designed by West 8 in collaboration with Richter, the leading specialists in public spaces for children of all ages, this one-of-a-kind playground has been modeled after the hull of the Peter and Paul frigate. It is built at 80% of the original scale and measures 26 meters long and 6 meters high. The ship has been outfitted in keeping with the traditions of Russia's master shipbuilders. The interior space is divided into several levels of play spaces, each in accordance with safety standards. Here the Island's smallest visitors will feel like real sailors among slides, ropes, cannons, telescopes, and steering wheels. All of these elements immerse them in the history of the Island and its founder, Peter the Great. Next to this playground is a smaller covered area to allow parents to comfortably keep an eye on their children as they play.


The Frigate playground is a multifunctional complex that combines several types of gaming equipment in one space: stairs, swings, maze, nets. To move inside the Frigate and overcome obstacles visitors will need skills of climbing, balancing, orientation in a confined space, as well as communication skills to communicate with other visitors of the playground. In the course of the Frigate exploration, visitors move through various types of game equipment, some of which (stairs, transitional tiers, ramps, decks) are fixed rigidly and can be used by several visitors at the same time. Other pieces of equipment (vertical grid tunnels, transient grid tunnels, sloping nets, swinging suspension bridges) can move while being used, and for safety reasons it is recommended to avoid too many visitors at the same time.

The rules of good social manners assume caring of the elder ones for the younger ones, offering help in overcoming obstacles and caution from reckless actions.

Those accompanying children need to understand and remember that the gameplay contains risks of injury. Please read the rules before visiting the Frigate and explain them to your children.

1. The Frigate is designed for children from 6 to 14 years old at least 120 cm tall and weighing no more than 69 kg.

2. The maximum number of visitors in the playground at a time is 100.

3. Parents or accompanying adults are required to look after children playing in the playground and are fully responsible for their actions.

4. One adult may accompany no more than one child at a time.

5. Visitors of the playground are obliged to observe safety rules and maintain public order and generally accepted norms of behavior, to behave respectfully towards other visitors, service personnel, refrain from actions that present a danger to others;

6. The Frigate admits visitors in clothing and shoes that do not constrain movement, without any free hanging accessories, such as scarves, ribbons, belts, and other elements of clothing that can catch on to the features and equipment elements. While in the playground, it is not recommended to wear rings, earrings, neck chains, pendants, bracelets, watches and portable mobile electronic devices.

7. It is prohibited:

  • to remain in the playground after dark, as well as in adverse weather conditions — rain (as well as after rain until the surface dries completely), snowfall, ice;
  • to wear clothing and shoes that do not meet the requirements of clause 6
  • to stand or sit on fences and surfaces that are not intended for this purpose;
  • to climb the fences from either outside or inside;
  • to bring food, ice cream, lollipops, chewing gum, drinks;
  • to climb on hanging elements that are not intended for this purpose;
  • to enter areas prohibited from entry;
  • to touch, hang, recline onto the current-carrying parts of the lighting equipment;
  • to bring pets to the playground;
  • to visit the playground under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to bring alcoholic beverages or to smoke in the playground;
  • to bring stabbing or cutting objects, weapons of any kind, flammable, explosive (including pyrotechnics), poisonous, toxic or odorous substances, glassware or gas cylinders;
  • to enter the playground with large bags or any items larger than 50×50×40 cm; to wear dirty clothes that can stain the clothes of other visitors, as well as the structures and features of the playground;
  • to damage the inventory, equipment or any features of the playground, to paint or mark any surfaces of the playground, to litter;
  • to self-regulate the engineering and technical equipment of the playground;
  • to leave personal belongings unattended; The administration of ANO New Holland is not responsible for unattended items.

8. All accidents must be immediately reported to staff at the playground or in the Information Center of the Island and must not be attended to without special medical knowledge and skills;

9. Any unsupervised items, documents or any other valuable items should be reported to staff at the playground, in the Information Center or one of the security guards of the Island.

10. A child’s way of playing and communicating should not cause a moral or physical harm to other children or interfere with their games. In the playground, children are not allowed to fight or offend each other. Children are not allowed to “hit back” or attack each other. This requirement is dictated by the safety of each child.

11. Each visitor should be aware that the playground is a place with an increased risk of injury. All actions carried out by the visitor are done so at their own risk and responsibility, the New Holland Island administration is not responsible for any injuries caused by the visitor’s during their stay at the playground.

12. In case of the child’s deliberate incorrect actions, violations of safety regulations that led to an emergency incident and caused damage to property, harm to the health of the child or the children around him and adults, the accompanying adult is responsible for the consequences of the incident.

13. The administration of ANO New Holland is not responsible for any injuries to visitors of the Frigate playground, regardless of the causes and circumstances of such injuries. In case of harm to health or well-being of other visitors or the equipment of the playground, the perpetrator can be brought to justice in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

These Rules and Regulations are obligatory for all visitors.

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