The great lawn and the streetball court are closed till spring. The Frigate playground is open 10 am – 6 pm. Entry to the Bottle House is allowed in masks only. If you do not have one, you can buy a disposable mask in the Infocenter.
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The Foundry
The Foundry The building accomodates a club-restaurant and a cafe
The Bottle House
The Bottle House New Holland’s first commercial project
The Commandant’s House
The Commandant’s House The most recent historic building on the Island
House 12
House 12 The fourth restored building on New Holland Island
Infocenter Here you can find detailed information about the project and events
Pavilion Lectures, exhibitions, and educational programs take place here
Stage The stage hosts musical and theatrical performances and movie screenin...
Food kiosks
Food kiosks Ice cream and street food
The Frigate Playground
The Frigate Playground One-of-a-kind playground designed like the hull of a frigate
Toddler Playground
Toddler Playground Here every child can find an activity to keep them busy
Garden Walk
Garden Walk A new shady walk along the House 12
The Beach
The Beach Real sandy beach on the Pontoon
Herb Garden
Herb Garden A barrier between the quiet space of the terrace and the noise of the ...
Streetball Court
Streetball Court FIBA 3x3 regulation court, designed by Alexey Luka
Petanque The island features two courts for this highly enjoyable game
Tide Gauge
Tide Gauge Can be used to determine the water level

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