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Garden Walk

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Available during park's opening hours

In the new part of the park along the inner facade of House 12 there is a Garden Walk with apple trees and shady shadberries, as well as more than 10 species of ornamental shrubs and perennials, including hydrangea, mahonia, spirea, snowball trees and willows that change their colour shade from season to season. To improve this area, 26 apple trees, 33 maple trees, 119 Lamarck shadberries and more than other 20 different grown trees were brought from European nurseries. As part of the landscaping work, paving was carried out on an area of 3,000 sq. meters, 1,000 sq. meters of soft paths were introduced as well as 4,500 sq. meters of lawn.

The project was designed by architectural firm West 8, along with the landscape architect Linda Bird (bureau Linda Bird Ltd).

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