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Streetball Court

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During park opening hours

Streetball court is open till October 3.

The floor covering of this streetball court made in the form of geometric shapes and colour combinations, was designed by Alexey Luka, one of the most notable and talented artists of the Russian scene. Since 2008, Luka’s work has been shown at exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Lyon, Paris, Portland, Rotterdam and San Francisco. While designing the floor covering, Luka used colours and images of old St. Petersburg — shades of plaster, encaustic tiles of entrance halls, courtyards, granite embankments, parquet of communal flats, brick warehouses — in order to blend it organically into the historical setting.

This is a streetball court (FIBA 3×3). It meets the requirements of the FIBA International Basketball Federation and is also an art project, so we are asking you to follow the rules below:

  • use the court for its intended purpose;
  • wear sports shoes on the court;
  • do not hang on the hoop and other elements of the stand;
  • don’t move or adjust the stand;
  • take care of the court and its equipment;
  • do not forget that the court is part of the park and is surrounded by bushes, adults and children are often in the vicinity of the court.



Starting January 2, QR-code confirming vaccination against COVID-19 and an ID is required to enter cafes and stores.

No QR-code is required to enter the Park, the Ice Rink, or public spaces of the Bottle House. Please, wear a mask, keep a safe distance and stay home if you feel ill.

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