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The Commandant's House

The Commandant's House is the most recent historic building on the island, and, until recently, was not included in the list of architectural monuments within the New Holland complex. Earlier, the building was home to the family of the Commandant of the island, while in the Soviet period, it served as an office for the naval administration. In 2013, the building was awarded the status of monument and renovated according to the standards set by the Committee for the State Inspection and Preservation of Historical and Cultural Monuments. It now features cast iron canopies, a metal fire escape, and a modern interior.


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This summer, My School, an educational project for children aged 3 to 15 opened its doors in the Commandant's House on New Holland Island. From June to August, the school will host summer camps, creative weekends, and preparatory courses for prospective students, and on September 1, a primary school will open its doors for children from 7 to 11 years (1st – 4th grades).

The school is founded on the principles of humanistic pedagogy: there are no assessments, homework or calls, and teachers manage work with children in a way that helps each child discover their personal traits. Small classes of up to 12 people allow the teacher to interact individually with each pupil. In a typical day programme, there are 6-7 lessons and an hour for self-learning during which pupils, on their own or together with the teacher, can do extra work on challenging material or study a subject they are interested in in more detail.

From the second term of the first grade, children will choose their educational trajectory: creative, musical, linguistic, which will allow them to take their development in the direction suitable for them. Besides the class leader who oversees the educational programme, each class has a curator who monitors the environment in the team as well as the students’ progress.

For more information about the programmes and on how to get your child enrolled in My School, please call +7 (931) 999 92 21 or see the project's social media.



9 am – 10 pm

+7 (931) 999 92 21



The Frigate playground will be closed for maintenance on Monday, July 22. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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