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Ivan Cardoso and screening of his short films from different years

19:30–21:00 Pavilion

March 11, 19:30

Ivan Cardoso is a Brazilian rebel and joker, the inventor of the terrir genre (from Portuguese terror + rir: horror and laughter). He has been making his provocative short films since 1967: first on 8 mm film, and now mainly on a smartphone, which became his camera-quill. His films are a mixture of pretty much anything — a montage of film magazines, trailers and favorite paintings, fragments of previous works, autobiographical shots, texts of Georges Bataille and music by John Cage. As well as encounters with like-minded people full of genuine admiration — whether it’s abstract artist Hélio Oiticica, Coffin Joe Mojica Marins or King of B-movies Roger Corman. At the New Holland Island talk, Ivan Cardoso will show his short films from different years, including the most recent — Corman’s Eye Drops Got Me Too Crazy which premiered in January 2020 at the Rotterdam Film Festival — and will share his 50 years of experience in independent filmmaking.

Ivan Cardoso is the inventor of his own genre, combining comedy, horror and parody. The author of many films — from experimental short films, shot on Super-8, to thrillers that have gathered millions of viewers in cinemas. An avant-garde artist and philosopher, during his fifty years in film, he has created dozens of surreal sketches, as well as documentaries about such key figures for his country as Glauber Rocha, Hélio Oiticica and Jose Mojica Marins.

His works include Secret of the Mummy (1982), Seven Vampires (1986), Scarlet Scorpion (1990), Midnight with Glauber (1997, short), Werewolf in the Amazon (2005), The Seal of Horror (2005), The Story of the Eye (2013, short) and others.


Corman’s Eyedrops Got Me Too Crazy / O colírio do Corman me deixou doido demais. 2020, 19 min

H.O. 1979, 13 min

The Universe of Mojica Marins / O Universo de Mojica Marins. 1978, 25 min

Nosferatu in Brazil / Nosferato no Brasil. 1971, 27 min

The lecture will be held in Portuguese with a consecutive translation. The film will be screened in Portuguese with Russian subtitles.

Admission is free. The number of seats is limited. Please register in advance (link in Russian). Electronic tickets will be checked at the entrance, please download them onto your phone or print them out. 

Organized in cooperation with Spirit of Fire festival

The events will be held as part of the New Holland Island International Debut Film Festival Education Programme. The aim of the programme is to introduce the key European filmmakers and their creative methods as well as films by up and coming cinematographers and most current trends in contemporary cinema.

The New Holland Island International Debut Film Festival is a platform for daring cinema, whose aim is to open new horizons and challenge the established formats of filmmaking. The festival is part of the New Holland Island: Cultural Urbanization project and will take place in St. Petersburg.

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