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Alexey Ekaykin — The Planet at a crossroads. What will the Earth’s climate be?

7:30 PM – 9 PM Petanque


May 28, 7:30 PM

Admission is free of charge, lecture is delivered in Russian. Attendees must register in advance (link in Russian).

ITMO University lectures

Curator: Dmitry Malkov, Director of the ITMO Centre of Scientific Communications

A cycle of public lectures on science and technology from ITMO University which will transport the audience to the very epicentre of the technological revolution, where every day new discoveries are being made which broaden the horizons of our contemporary understanding of the world and the capabilities of humanity. Leading scientists and science commentators will discuss how computer technology predicts epidemics, why economists scan the human brain, and why the world is in no hurry to combat climate change.

The invited scientific researchers will help lecture-goers to see scientific and technological progress through the prism of social, political and economic changes rather than in isolation from real life, by relating how machine learning affects our understanding of social justice, how scientific superpowers emerge, and where the myths about science in the movies originally stem from.

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