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Boris Chaika. Silence Formula

12–8 p.m. Pavilion

June 2–25, 12–8 p.m.

New Holland Island and White Lines gallery present the Silence Formula exhibition by the St. Petersburg artist Boris Chaika. In this exhibition, the viewer finds themselves in a space that invites them to change the pace of life and free themselves from external noise.

The artist uses raw boards as his canvas. The abstract layer of paint applied in a gradient is a chromatic embodiment of childhood emotions and a sense of security. The visual part of the installation is complemented by sound: ambient music imitates the natural silence, which is never absolute.

It is physically and conceptually impossible to achieve complete silence, but according to philosopher Susan Sontag, avoiding direct expression can be a way to re-evaluate art and immerse oneself in it.

The sound envelopes the exhibition space, separating it from the hustle and bustle of external life, addressing the inner world and creating a meditative environment. The artist deliberately rejects narrative and emphasizes the visual part of art, the pure perception of which can be more emotional than interpretation, and offers the viewer a chance for introspection.

Boris Chaika (born 1994) lives and works in St. Petersburg. In his art he uses an abstract language of artistic expression: by eliminating figurative imagery, he creates an emotional field with a wide range of possibilities for interpretation.

White Lines is an online gallery of contemporary art. The mission of the project is to support, promote and popularize young artists. Currently, the gallery’s website features 23 authors who work in a variety of media and techniques. The gallery collaborates primarily with graduates of leading art academies, whose work is in some way associated with St. Petersburg.

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