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Revision Book Festival



The third St. Petersburg Revision Book Festival will take place on September 23-25 in the Community Center at New Holland Island. The theme of the festival in 2022 will be Solidarity, Collaboration, Charity.

The program of the third Revision festival is focused on the support of independent bookstores and publishing houses. It is formed in accordance with the social function of bookstores and publishers, not only producing and selling books, but also creating a cultural agenda and networks of like-minded people. A map of independent and historical bookshops in St. Petersburg was published as a part of the festival to help visitors get acquainted with bookselling landscape of the city.

The Festival will include a book fair with more tha 30 participating publishers and bookstores, as well as an extensive educational and discussion programme.

The cost of the entrance ticket is 150  ₽. The ticket is valid throughout the day of the purchase. Concession tickets are free for children under 14 years old, pensioners. Payment at the entrance. Registration for the lectures is not required, the number of seats is limited.

The Frigate playground will be closed for maintenance on Monday, July 22. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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