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New Year's Post at New Holland Island 2021

12/18/2021 - 01/09/2022
The Bottle House

December 18 – January 9

New Year’s Post at New Holland Island is an event organised by St. Petersburg charities to collect gifts for their wards. Every year on New Year’s Eve, residents of St. Petersburg collect nice and useful gifts for those who found themselves in a challenging life situation and are in need of care and support. Collecting gifts at the New Holland Island New Year’s Bazaar has become a good tradition, everyone is invited to bring useful gifts for the wards to be collected and delivered by volunteers.

How to get the right gift?

 In order to make sure you get a gift that is definitely needed, we recommend choosing something from the lists provided by the charitable foundations. This means you can still customise your gift and add a personal touch to it. Please don’t wrap the gift in wrapping paper — we need to be able to check the contents to know what it is and who is would be relevant for. Unfortunately, we can’t accept used things, products without packaging, products made of glass.

Charities participating in the event:


Since 1990, Nochlezhka has helped homeless people to return to normal life — here one can count on getting food, accommodation, support with arranging documents, employment, registration of disabilities, benefits, care homes, search for relatives. They help dispute illegal property deals and protect the rights of people without a home and registration.

What to give?
  • Men's socks sizes 41-43 (regular and warm), mittens, gloves and hats
  • Shaving razors and foam
  • Deodorant, soap, wet wipes
  • Thermoses
  • Packaged cookies and candy


Since 2002, a charitable foundation AdVita has been helping people with cancer, hematological and immunological diseases who are treated in hospitals of St. Petersburg. That’s about a thousand people every year. AdVita is one of the few foundations in Russia that help adults as well as children and provides support to people outside St. Petersburg. Many of the foundation’s wards come from all over the country, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka.

What to give?
  • Coloring books and art books for adults
  • Packaged tea and coffee
  • Duvets
  • Thermal mugs & regular cups
  • Nice notebooks & diaries
  • Calendars for 2022
  • Toys for Kids under 14
  • Art Kits for Kids and Adults

Anton’s Right Here

Anton’s Right Here is a support fund for people with autism, founded in 2013 in St. Petersburg. The foundation implements programs aimed at creating a life route for a person with autism in Russia: from early diagnosis and pre-school inclusive education to supported employment and independent life in society.

What to give?
  • White drawing paper and colored watercolor paper (A3, A4 sizes)
  • Crayons and watercolor pencils 
  • Gouache, watercolor, ink, and brushes (synthetic and natural)
  • Art kits
  • Board games
  • Wax putty
  • Puzzles

Teply dom

The foundation supports families with children in difficult life situations. Its work is focused on making sure children stay in their native family and never learn what an orphanage is. In most cases, the parents that foundation takes care of also grew up in difficult circumstances. They are former wards of orphanages, single mothers with many children, grandmothers-guardians, parents with disabilities, parents who are ex-addicts, underage single mothers.

What to give?
  • Board games
  • Children's clothing and footwear, scarves & hats
  • School stationery and kits for creativity
  • Duvets
  • Baby diapers (Sizes 4 and up)
  • Baby food & formula

Starost v Radost

The charitable foundation grew out of a volunteer movement of the same name. Its main task is to improve the lives of the elderly people in nursing homes and reduce the impact of the emotional vacuum they find themselves in after moving into a care home.

What to give?
  • Headscarves
  • M-XXL shirts and nightgowns
  • Back slippers and wide elastic wool socks
  • Large jigsaw puzzles up to 200 pieces
  • Construction and craft kits for ages 4-6
  • Knitting wool
  • TV sets (17 inches) and battery-powered radios
  • Crossword
  • Checkers, Chess, Bingo, and Dominoes

Center for homeless animals Poteryashka

The center for homeless animals is one of the oldest animal welfare organisations. During 23 years of its work they have rescued thousands of dogs and cats. Many rabbits, turtles, rats, birds, and anyone who could be taken care of and saved from imminent death have been helped by the centre.

What to give?
  • Dogs and puppy food
  • Cat and kitten food
  • Collars for medium sized dogs
  • Leashes, no shorter than 2 meters
  • Anti-flea products 
  • Gloves (cotton and rubber), brushes, scoops, mops and all cleaning supplies.

Starting January 2, QR-code confirming vaccination against COVID-19 and an ID is required to enter cafes and stores.

No QR-code is required to enter the Park, the Ice Rink, or public spaces of the Bottle House. Please, wear a mask, keep a safe distance and stay home if you feel ill.

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