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New Holland Island Guided Tours and Audioguides

09/01/2020 - 12/31/2020
By Appointment Infocenter

By Appointment

In response to numerous requests from visitors, this year we will be running guided tours of the island. Over the course of the hour-long excursion, you can learn about New Holland Island’s history and unique architecture, as well as finding out what is happening on the island today and what the future has in store.

English-language excursions — 8000 roubles for groups of up to 5 people.

To book a place, you can visit our Infocenter, contact us by email, or call +7 (812) 245 20 35.

Please wear a mask and keep a safe distance.


Anyone who would rather take a tour on their own can hire an audioguide to New Holland Island, in Russian or English, from the Infocenter.

Audio guide rental (2 hours) — 300 roubles, schoolchildren, students, pensioners — 100 roubles. Deposit — 2000 roubles or suitable ID document (driving licence, vehicle licence, pension card)


Starting January 2, QR-code confirming vaccination against COVID-19 and an ID is required to enter cafes and stores.

No QR-code is required to enter the Park, the Ice Rink, or public spaces of the Bottle House. Please, wear a mask, keep a safe distance and stay home if you feel ill.

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