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Artworks оn New Holland Island

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Artworks оn New Holland Island

July saw the appearance on New Holland island of a number of street-art installations by Russian contemporary artists. These works will be on display until 30 September 2018.

At the end of the main alley is the largest installation, Air Island by Sasha Frolova — an inflatable sculpture, an island upon an island, and oasis of pure, care-free joy. Air Island is a place of pleasurable nostalgia, where everything is infused with harmony, where the surroundings are made up of ideal shapes and forms, and the boundaries between art and life are wiped away. The work was created specially for New Holland.

Part of the Air Island project will be a performance piece by Sasha Frolova and the Aquaaerobika musical project, which will take place on 7 August at 20:00 on New Holland’s Lime-tree Alley. Electro-pop, 8bit, Disco-House and avant-garde lyrics will blend with movement based on Pop- and Op-art, and imagery inviting comparison with Japanese Anime or “Triadic Ballet” costumers, created by Bauhaus artists. Free entry.

The second project is the “Crème Brulée” composition by the Voronezh-based artist Ivan Gorshkov, which stands in the Herb Garden and is made up of eight separate sculptures, each of which is endowed with its own “human traits” and character. The figures are woven to a pattern, just like dolls, but from metal rather than soft fabrics. They are grouped around a fountain which is in the form of a giant ice-cream, hence the title of the composition.

On 31 July at 19:30 in the New Holland Pavillion there will be an open discussion featuring artist Ivan Gorshkov, art expert Ekaterina Andreeva and gallery-owner Marina Gisich. Free admission by advance booking only. Number of places is limited.

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