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Lecture Hall on New Holland Island

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Lecture Hall on New Holland Island

On April 1, the Pavilion on New Holland Island will launch the second season of its regular educational programming, “Lecture Hall.” For 2018, the lectures will be organized under eight distinct themes: the Sunday film club hosted by Seance Magazine; lectures on political and social sciences, organized by the European University; a series exploring film theory; a survey of art in Leningrad, presented in collaboration with the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art; the architecture-themed series, Genius Loci, curated by the magazine Project Baltia; lectures on the social sciences from the Higher School of Economics; Out Loud, a program dedicated to the study of sound; and lectures on graphic design, headed up by the design department of New Holland.

“Lecture Hall” was created as a means of bringing high quality educational initiatives to the wider audience of visitors to New Holland. The topics for these lectures have been specially selected to appeal to a broad range of ages and demographics. The lectures in this particular season will run on the island until October. Admission to the lectures is free of charge. For more information, including a schedule, please refer to the website, www.newhollandsp.ru

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