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The Opening of Mayak School for Creative Industries

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The Opening of Mayak School for Creative Industries

The Mayak (the «Beacon») is a space devoted to the creative development and self-determination of children and young people. By basing tuition on real-life projects, and by providing engagement into the professional creative process, the Mayak will give children the opportunity to try their hand in a range of areas of the creative industries, and to determine their future profession by taking charge of their own aspirations.

The Mayak offers a new format for working with children and young people aged between 7 and 17, based on contemporary methods of academic quality and effective international best practice in creative development, along with a professional orientation.

The Mayak is an education centre which will help its pupils to realize their full potential in such areas as design, photography, animation, film-making, advertising, sound engineering, the theatre, computer games, programming, and much more besides. The school equipment will enable students to make use of a range of technological solutions when working on their creative projects: the school building is equipped with computer classrooms, photographic and video studios, a classroom for working with sound and music, a multi-function art studio and an animation classroom.

The concept for the Mayak was developed in collaboration with specialists from the British Higher School of Art and Design, and some of the leading universities, institutes and teachers from the creative professions have been brought in to make it a reality.

In March, an admissions office will be opened in the New Holland Pavilion, where employees of the Mayak will be on hand to provide detailed information on the work of the project and its programmes, courses and areas of study, along with conditions of enrolment. A series of master-classes, also to be held in March, will demonstrate how the Mayak’s tuition system is structured.

In April, a series of Open Days will be held in the Commandant’s House, and the full cycle of classes at the school will commence in September 2017.

For further information, visit: www.mayak.school

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