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New Year's Market 2021

12/18/2021 - 01/09/2022
The Bottle House


December 18 – January 9

On December 18, the annual New Year's Market will open its doors on New Holland Island. Throughout the winter holidays, in 22 kiosks located in the courtyard of the Bottle House and at the main entrance to the Foundry building, the guests of the Island will be offered a variety of gifts, such as plates and house utensils, books, New Year’s decorations, mittens and hats, children's toys and vinyl records, as well as a wide selection of street food, fr om Indian samosas and Roman pizza to trdelniks, raclette and Israeli donuts. A New Year’s Tree Market with Fraser firs, Danish fir trees and trees from the Leningrad region will also open at the main entrance to the Bottle House.

The courtyard of the Bottle House will be decorated by an eight-meter New Year tree and street fire heaths, and the whole island will be adorned with spruce garlands, Moravian stars, and red New Year’s baubles. Traditionally, a new, sixth in a row, officer will appear in the Nutcracker army: in a black uniform and a dragoon helmet with the Roman numeral X on the cockade to commemorate the decade of New Holland Island’s new history.

An Ice Rink will continue to operate in the center of the Island, and Pirozhkovaya, created by the founders of the Georgian cafe Dzamiko will open in the main alley.

A collection of new winter souvenirs will be offered in the Infocenter: sweatshirts with festive prints, candles, stickers, and badges.

For children, festive master classes will be held in My School throughout winter holidays as well as festive New Year parties in the Children Talk space in the Commandant's House.

This year, the charity kiosk at the New Year’s Market will again launch the New Year's Post, wh ere anyone can bring gifts for the wards of seven St. Petersburg foundations: Nochlezhka, AdVita, Anton’s Right Here, Starost v Radost, Teply Dom, Poteryashka and Bright Life.


New Year's Market

18–30 December: 12:00–21:00

31 December: 12:00–19:00

1 January: 12:00–22:00

2–9 January: 11:00–21:00

New Year's Tree Market

Mon-Fri: 12:00–21:00

Sat-Sun: 11:00–22:00

31 December: 11:00–19:00


New Year’s Tree Market: a shop YolokMnogo will offer fluffy Fraser firs, Danish spruces, live trees in pots and the best specimens from the Leningrad region. A selected tree can be collected right after the purchase or delivered to your home.

Podpisnye Izdania: this St. Petersburg family bookshop will occupy two kiosks at once: one will offer bestsellers of intellectual literature and novelties from its own publishing house Podpisnye Izdania, and in the second one — children’s books for younger readers of different ages.

Fonarnye Bani: recently renovated baths of the XIX century will open their branch at the New Year’s Market. Here you can buy besoms, washcloths, soap, soft towels and other accessories for banya.

Snegi: warm and comfortable felted shoes produced in the village of Dolostsi, Pskov region. Boots are made of felt with rubber soles and can be worn at home or outdoors in dry snowy weather.

Vintage shop: antique New Year’s decorations, Bohemian glass, porcelain and last century’s jewellery from different countries.

Garage Museum Shop: A book collection published by Garage, international de luxe editions, and the Museum’s branded souvenirs: scented New Year’s candles, postcards, and gift wrapping.

Charity kiosk and New Holland Island New Year’s Mail: souvenirs, dishes, textiles made by students and wards of the foundations Anton’s Right Here and AdVita. All proceeds from the sale of souvenirs will go to support people with autism and cancer patients. Collection of gifts for wards of charitable foundations.

Ptentsi Market: the shop of children’s clothing from the second floor of the Bottle House will offer gift sets in festive packaging with toys, giant colouring books, sets of postcards, letters to Ded Moroz, a shadow theatre and much more.

Imagine Club: the record store from will present a selection of festive music, vinyl record care products and musical souvenirs.

Usta k Ustam: knitted accessories from the St. Petersburg brand located on the second floor of the Bottle House — woollen mittens, hats, scarves and socks that can be wrapped in gift packaging right after the purchase.

BerryBasket: homemade jam from lingonberry to pine tree, salted caramel, willow tea and toffee. 

Korá: Interior flowers and dried flowers, compositions for New Year and wreaths, gift sets. 

Los Churros: A traditional Spanish dessert churros — golden sticks made from custard dough, served hot with powdered sugar, cinnamon and one of the sauces to choose from — from chocolate to coconut. 

Raclette: The 2018 winter hit returns with melted Swiss cheese served with young potatoes and pickles or on bruschetta with tomatoes and basil.

Trdelnik: traditional Czech pastries already known to the visitors of New Holland Island. The dough in the sprinkling is wound on a hot cylindrical skewer and baked in a special oven.

Kiosks from the residents of the Bottle House: café Bekitzer, Ryumochnaya in the Bottle House, Zita & Gita, Oggi and Surf Coffee from the first floor of the Bottle House prepared special street food menus. In the kiosks inside the courtyard, you can try Israeli batsek dough balls, Christmas twiglets, Indian samosas and Roman pizza, as well as winter coffee drinks.

Cococo bistro: The restaurant from the left wing of House 12 has prepared a menu for the Market with a belyashburger, broth in cups, sbiten and mulled wine, as well as bread from its own bakery.

Kuznyahouse Xmas Kiosk: classic pyshki (deep-fried doughnuts) with various toppings, ranging from salt caramel and tangerine cream to cheese sauce and even red caviar. 


Starting January 2, QR-code confirming vaccination against COVID-19 and an ID is required to enter cafes and stores.

No QR-code is required to enter the Park, the Ice Rink, or public spaces of the Bottle House. Please, wear a mask, keep a safe distance and stay home if you feel ill.

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