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Opening of New Holland Island Ice Rink

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Opening of New Holland Island Ice Rink

On November 16, the Ice Rink will open at New Holland Island for the fourth time. The 2,000 m2 ice field will still be located on the lawn area in front of the Main Stage but this year visitors will have more opportunities to have a great time before, during and after the skating session.

There is a heated recreation area with tables and chairs on the stage and in front of it, that visitors can access directly from the Ice Rink without having to take their skates off. Here one can taste Trdelniks (Czech pastries made of rolled dough with fillings), Dutch stroopwafels with caramel and a variety of warming drinks. One can wait around here while the ice field is prepared for the next group of visitors.

A street kiosk on the alley near the main entrance will be occupied by a pop-up project of Matilda Shnurova’s restaurant Cococo, known for its innovative approach to Russian cuisine. Cococo will move to a permanent residence in House 12 in the spring of 2020 but during the winter time the restaurant’s Executive Chef Igor Grishechkin and his team will offer traditional Russian soups with a modern twist — cabbage soup Shchi, fish soup Ukha, mushroom soup with pearl barley and chicken soup with noodles. The main position on the menu will be taken by sausages of their own production: grilled beef with stewed cabbage, boiled weisswurst in brioche with sweet mustard, as well as signature desserts. The kiosk will be open until March 15, 2020 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 11 am to 11 pm.

The second kiosk at the end of the alley will be taken by the Ticket Office. There one can also find the entrance to the Ice Rink. You can change your shoes to skates in the indoor gallery with heaters and benches located around the ice field and leave your things in the storage lockers.

Breaks between sessions this year will be one hour, this will allow to keep the quality of ice at a high level. One can rent comfortable recreational and figure skates size 25 to 47 and for those who aren’t too confident in their skating mastery level, special skating aids will be offered free of charge. As in previous years, the rink is equipped with a cooling system that keeps the ice from melting below the outside temperetaure of +10°C.

On the opening day, German electronic musician Khan of Finland and Dutch disco duo Kraak and Smaak Soundsystem will perform on the Main Stage in front of the Ice Rink. Actors in special costumes will skate together with visitors, and multicolor lighting devices will create the effect of kaleidoscope on the ice.



11 am — 7 pm DJ’s Maksim Zheleztcov, Juravlove, Kirill Ivanov

5 pm — 6 pm Khan of Finland Live

7 pm — 8 pm, 9 pm — 10 pm Kraak and Smaak Soundsystem Live


11 am — 2 pm DJ Forgotten Disco Star

2 pm — 5 pm DJ Funky G

5 pm — 8 pm DJ Tsyo

8 pm — 10 pm DJ Dima Konovalov

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